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How can I purchase a piece?

You may begin the process of purchasing a Costa Christ Art piece by reaching out via phone or email to check current availability.  Click here to be directed to our contact information.

Did you personally photograph all the pieces you sell?

Yes.  All pieces are personally shot, edited and processed with meticulous attention-to-detail by Costa Christ.

Can you provide a digital rendering of a Costa Christ Art piece in my home?

Yes.  Please contact us directly for a complimentary rendering of any Costa Christ Art piece in your desired space.

Why are some pieces more expensive than others?

All Costa Christ Art pieces are limited to production editions of thirty or fewer.  As such, Costa Christ Art reserves the right to adjust prices at any time based on remaining limited editions.

What materials are used to produce the prints?

All prints are professionally crafted using museum-grade archival pigment ink on 100% cotton rag.

Can I order my print in a custom size or shape?

All Costa Christ Art pieces are offered in three standard sizes with an aspect ratio of 7 x 5 or 1 x 1.  However, all pieces are eligible for custom sizing and orientation based on your specific requests.  We reserve the right to deny any custom request if it is believed to hinder the quality of the image or distract from the intended expression.

Can I order my print in black and white?

Yes.  All Costa Christ Art pieces can be ordered in black and white.  You may contact us for a rendering to preview this effect before ordering.

Do you offer framing?

Yes.  We can facilitate professional framing for your order but limit the selection to two minimalist wood frames: white or black only.

Do you ship?

Yes.  All pieces are available for shipping anywhere in the Continental United States.  These charges will be quoted and confirmed prior to shipping.

What is included with my purchase?

With your purchase you will receive the fine art photography print, Certificate of Authenticity, Bill of Sale and CCA sticker.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.  Click here to be directed to our contact information.