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A quest for visual excellence.
My name is Costa Christ. I am an internationally-published artist and photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I am completely obsessed with winning, at any cost. Winning is the driving force behind every meaningful relationship, achievement and experience I have ever possessed in my life. I see “winning” as a unique and personal opportunity presented to each and every human at some point in life. It is the often brief but final realization of a dream; a dream that at one time required unwavering discipline, defiance of the odds, a disregard for doubtful critics and a personal agreement to never quit, even in the most ambiguous moments of failure.
I understand how precious and difficult it is to win. In 2014, less than two years after graduating from SMU with a degree in accounting, I utilized a semi-professional camera, single lens and an old tripod to begin Costa Christ Media, a photography enterprise with an emphasis on architecture. Having no formal education in photography, I began my quest for visual excellence. Weekends in my early 20’s were spent hanging out in camera shops, watching tutorial videos and reading countless articles and forums as I began to form my own style and interpretation of architectural photography. With limited resources, I was often forced to improvise - shooting interiors without any of the external lighting equipment all the “experts” deemed essential to compete. It was extremely difficult to convince prospective clients to give me an opportunity to work on their projects as I insisted on shooting interiors with all lights off.
In an effort to prove the capabilities of my technique and begin assembling a portfolio that would attract a greater audience, I offered to shoot massive projects for $50, sometimes even for free if necessary. I began to establish instrumental relationships with leaders in the local industry, many of which I still proudly hold today. These cherished opportunities were made possible not by a rare skillset or creative talent but by my willingness to work extremely hard and consistently deliver high quality photography that served the specific needs of each client. After 5 years of relentless persistence, the shooting style that hindered me early in my career became my registered Trademark and the pride of my identity as an architectural photographer: Strictly natural light.®. Over the course of a 9 year career as an architectural photographer, I proudly earned the opportunity to photograph over 2,000 beautiful homes for hundreds of clients, including some of the most accomplished and awarded residential architects, builders, interior designers and real estate agents in the nation. My work has been featured across the globe in publications that include Forbes, Southern Living, Veranda and Architectural Digest.
From 2017 to 2022, I averaged shooting over 300 residential photography projects per year. My wife and I would travel to Europe every July to recharge before returning for the second half of our busy season. During these trips, I would bring my camera, hoping to capture a few sentimental images from our hard-earned travels. The images I captured were never intended to be shared publicly. Rather, they served as intimate reminders of our time exploring the world and celebrating our newfound love of international travel. During a trip to Greece in 2019, I received news that one of the projects I had photographed for an interior designer was selected for the front cover of a popular interior design magazine. The particular image the editors selected for the cover included a TV above the mantle that had been digitally altered to display a photo I took during a recent vacation to Santorini, per the designer’s request. It was at that moment I realized these images must be shared and can be appreciated for their beauty if produced and presented at an exceptional level.
This marked the beginning of a new chapter in my ongoing quest for visual excellence and Costa Christ Art was born. It began with a personal commitment to an enduring mission of travel, exploration and adventure. I have spared no expense ensuring patrons of my art series will invest in an exclusive brand of limited production fine art photography, skillfully crafted with the very finest materials and techniques available. In creating fine art, I intentionally aim to set my work apart with simple designs, complimented by a sharp, luminescent abundance of detail. Subject matter will vary but each and every image I capture and Edition I craft is intended to evoke powerful emotion for my viewers. The Costa Christ Art series is a reflection of my personal celebration of life, creative freedom and the pursuit of my American dream. This work and everything it represents is bigger than me and my hope is that it will endure beyond my time on Earth because ultimately, that’s what winning is all about.

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